The Pays de Fayence has an inter-municipal history that dates back to the 1960s and continues to this day. Founded around the competence of rural electrification, the missions of the "S.I.V.O.M. du Pays de Fayence ”(Syndicat Intercommunal à Vocation Multiple), created in 1972, gradually extended to various subjects of inter-municipal interest: the lake of Saint-Cassien, culture, sports facilities, forest development. Over the course of the various decentralization laws and the strengthening of intermunicipal co-operation, the S.I.V.O.M. Pays de Fayence, which became a Community of Municipalities in August 2006, has seen its missions extend to waste management, regional planning, economic development and more recently the management of aquatic environments and protection against floods (GEMAPI).

Originally made up of 8 municipalities (Callian, Fayence, Mons, Montauroux, Saint-Paul-en-Forêt, Seillans, Tanneron and Tourrettes), the Pays de Fayence joined the village of Bagnols-en-Forêt on January 1, 2014.

Whether called a "canton", "Country" or "territory", the Pays de Fayence catchment area has emerged as a relevant and coherent scale of public action, for institutional partners but also for its inhabitants.

The intercommunality is located for the most part on mountainous terrain with altitudes of 200m to 800m, the rest is made up of plains and winding forests.

The 9 towns:


Bagnols-en-Forêt is a charming village perched at an altitude of 300 meters on the edge of the Massif de l'Estérel.

In summer, the sea breeze will refresh you and it is in the shade of the centuries-old plane trees in the village square that you can admire the Siagnole fountain.


Charming village of character dominated by the feudal castle perched on a rocky peak. Callian, these are also narrow alleys where you will like to get lost and perhaps you will find such as Fernand Léger, Juliette Adam, Edouard Göerg or even Christian Dior, artistic inspiration.

Have fun looking around the castle for the sculpted pig's head, it will bring luck and protection to the traveler who will rub his snout.


In the heart of the picturesque alleys of old Fayence, you will have the pleasure of discovering the old communal bread oven, known as the "oven du Mitan". The agricultural and tool conservation ecomuseum is housed in an old flour mill dating from the 13th century.

For a panoramic view and with an orientation table, you will have to go to the Clock Tower, overlooked by a magnificent campanile. Finally, the gliding center offers you to hover above the canton and why not if you feel like it, to hover!


A village perched on a rocky outcrop, Mons rises to more than 800 meters in altitude. Grandiose is certainly the superlative that stands out for its panorama from Place St Sébastien.

At the bend of the porches and arcades of the old narrow streets of the village, you can admire pretty wooden doors sometimes adorned with very curious sculptures. In some private gardens and in the surrounding area, dolmens are scattered here and there. If you have a keen and observant eye, on the ramparts you will find sculpted the chest of St. Agatha, martyr, who had her breasts torn out with pincers.


Montauroux, "balcony of Estérel" is a very old village, originally confined around a fortress and exposed to the south, facing the Estérel and Maures massifs. Notable buildings remain from the medieval period: the chapel of Saint-Michel - 11th, the chapel of Saint-Barthélemy - 12th and the parish church - 12th. Villages of fountains and washhouses, Montauroux is in tiers of 150 at an altitude of 400 meters.

Christian Dior, a prominent figure in the town, lived in the Château de la Colle Noire, a superb 19th century building.

“Jewel of eastern Var”, Montauroux shares its art of living and its dynamism.


If all roads lead to Rome, it is nevertheless from St Paul that it is necessary to leave for beautiful walks in the heart of the forest populated by Aleppo pines and cork oaks. The latter is used for the manufacture of corks.

In addition to the olive trees and the vine giving an AOC Côtes de Provence wine, the heather allows the manufacture of pipes.


One of the most beautiful villages in France, Seillans, a fortified wall, a labyrinth of cobbled streets and vaulted passages, offers the eyes the geometric harmony of its stepped houses.

Artists and craftspeople have chosen a "workshop" in the old cork shop as well as here and there in the village. Maison Waldberg houses the permanent collections of Ernst, Tanning and Appenzeller, among others.


From December to March, Tanneron hoists its colors. Indeed, it is the yellow that will delight your eyes as much as your nostrils when the mimosa begins to bloom.

From the church of N.D. de Peygros, the exceptional view offers a 360 ° panorama of the Estérel to the Alps and, behind the Lérins Islands, Corsica will emerge on a clear day. For gourmets, Tanneron peaches and strawberries will awaken your taste buds!


Tourrettes, a village of character with interwoven alleys, proudly exhibits the Château du Puy, a replica of the St Petersburg Cadet School.

From the Clock Tower, why not slide down to the rich agricultural plain, the gliding center, or maybe the golf course?



Water activities


Sailing school

Okwide Eco Beach which is a multi-activity and 100% FUN leisure center on the shores of Lake St Cassien. A space dedicated to the family and to outdoor leisure activities offering many fun and unusual activities (pedalos with or without slide, water park, paddle, wing paddle, canoes, trampoline, rental of mechanical and electric mountain bikes, etc.)


Located in the western part of Lake Saint-Cassien, the Fondurane biotope is home to 43 hectares and a wide variety of birds (182 species observed). Like the European pond turtle, the common swallow and one of the three stations of the false cork oak and the hairy oak.

This site is very accessible to families, it is the ideal place to relax and take a walk of one to 2 hours in the middle of nature. An observatory located on the course will allow you to see the species of birds, passing or wintering, nesting on the lake: grebes, bitterns, water rails, herons, marsh harrier, ... .

A biotope protection decree (1988) guarantees the preservation of this site owned by EDF, which has entrusted its management to the Conservatory of Natural Areas of Provence-Alpes-Côte d´Azur (CEN PACA)


The discovery area "Along the water" of the Pays de Fayence in Tanneron, inaugurated in 2018, presents, in a fun and digital way, the different aspects of the development of the Pays de Fayence from yesterday to today.

La Maison Monsoise is one of the rare houses in the village of Mons in which all the architectural elements of old life have been preserved: the vegetable garden, the bugadier, the old fireplace and its stone hearth.

Housed in an old village house, rehabilitated by the Town Hall, the Museum of Art and Essays of Tourrettes invites you to discover the original works of the copper maker and artist from Fayençois, Paul-Maurice Perrier-Morillon, and artists from Tourrettes.

The large oven, originally this building belonged to the municipality of Mons. The residential deed of 1468 already evokes the bread oven given by the Lord of Mons, Antoine de Villeneuve, in exchange for the removal of one bread or a cake out of 40, under the right of furnace.

Collections Max Ernst, Dorothea Tanning and Stan Appenzeller in the Waldberg space in Seillans presents graphic works by Max Ernst and Dorothea Tanning, surrealist painters and paintings by Stan Appenzeller.

MARINE ET MONSTAGNE, ship models and Mons village in matches

In this old 16th century common oven in Fayence, completely restored by the Association of "Friends of the Four du Mitan" you will discover: the reconstruction of a scene in the bread oven in 1897 (shovels, bread tables, kneader, knives dough, flour scale, ...

The EcoMusée du Pays de Fayence is housed in old hydraulic flour mills from the 13th and 18th centuries, nestled at the foot of the village of Fayence, in a green esplanade of 3000 m2.


Tennis Club the large garden

Fayence glider center

Playground for children

Callian tennis

Municipal Stadium

Golf de terre blanche Golf-Spa-Resort **

Circus school in Capella

Motorcycle: Frèjus / Nice by the seaside, return to Grasse

Hike to discover the Fondurane reserve

Skate park

Aquaroma Spa

Loc'karts Montauroux

Vinyasa Yoya course

Provencal walk

Fit Park

Pilot school


Goerg Gardens

Château de la Verrerie

Mandarin bamboos

Campaign of Sainte-Marie


Public pool

Ohh-Spa pilates

Aquaroma Spa

Terre Blanche Spa


Media libraries: Tanneron, Montaurous, Callian, Fayence, Bagnols en Forêt, Mons

Cinema: Montauroux

Cultural space

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